Nu-Life Bone Therapy

Nu-Life Bone Therapy


NU LIFE® Therapeutics BONE THERAPY™ unique innovative formula provides 1,000mg of elemental calcium per day, derived from highly absorbable sources like locally sourced egg shells. Scientifically formulated by a Naturopathic Doctor BONE THERAPY™ contains supportive ingredients like magnesium, vitamin D and K2 to help build better bones and prevent osteoporosis and bone loss.

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NU LIFE Therapeutics BONE THERAPY is a multi-action formula created by a Naturopathic Doctor and is ideal for any woman looking to build strong bones and help prevent osteoporosis and bone loss.

Unlike other products on the market, BONE THERAPY™ is more than just another calcium product. It contains 1,000 mg of elemental calcium from locally sourced egg shells along with all the supportive ingredients necessary to build strong bones like magnesium, vitamin D, k2 and lycopene. Eggshells have high calcium content and are environmentally sustainable making this product is good for you and for the earth!

From our Naturopathic Doctor:

 “Eggshell calcium is a unique and highly bioavailable source of calcium, and research has shown that it increases blood serum content of calcium better than other sources. The eggshell’s naturally occurring protein matrix helps calcium be absorbed through our digestive lining.

Lycopene and selenium have been shown in research to be strong antioxidants and may help prevent bone breakdown. 

Key Benefits:

  • May Increase Bone Density by 10% in just 4 Months! +
  • With Whole Food Eggshells Calcium
  • 1,000 mg of Elemental Calcium per Day


Calcium (eggshell calcium, calcium phosphate tribasic/calcium de extrait coquilles d’oeufs, phosphate tricalcique) 200 mg1,000 mg
Magnesium/Magnésium (magnesium citrate, magnesium oxide/citrate de magnésium et oxyde de magnesium )66 mg330 MG
Vitamin(e) D3 [vitamin(e) D3 (cholecalciferol/ cholécalciférol)] 5 mcg (200 IU/UI)1,000 IU
Vitamin(e) K2 (menaquinone/ménaquinone) 12 mcg60 mcg
Lycopene/Lycopène (Solanum lycopersicum fruit/ fruit du Solanum lycopersicum)     4 mg20 mg
Phosphorus/Phosphore (calcium phosphate tribasic/phosphate tricalcique) 50 mg250 mg
Manganese/Manganèse (manganous bisglycinate/diglycinate manganeux) 1 mg5 mg
Boron/Bore (as FruiteX-B®) (calcium fructoborate/fructoborate de calcium) 140 mcg700 mcg
Copper/Cuivre (copper bisglycinate/diglycinate manganeux) 200 mcg1000 mcg
Vitamin(e) C (ascorbic acid/acide ascorbique) 20 mg100 mg
Selenium/Sélenium (selenium yeast/levure de sélénium) 40 mcg200 mcg


Non-medicinal ingredients: Gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, rice bran, silica, sunflower oil.
Ingrédients non médicinaux : Gélatine, cellulose microcristalline, son de riz, silice, huile de tournesol.
All mineral potencies are elemental/La teneur de tous les minéraux est élémentaire

Does not contain: Artificial colours, dairy, nuts, preservatives, shellfish, soy, wheat, gluten.
Ne contient pas: Colorants artificiels, produits laitiers, noix, agents de conservation, crustacés, soya, blé ou gluten.